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Social Oxygen

A revolutionary new social media tool that automates all your social media and does all your own social media for you.

Local Businesses feel more guilty about not doing their social media than all other types of marketing combined!  

They will eagerly want you to do their social media!



The software does all the work for you and all the writing of the social media posts are done-for-you!



For 15-Minutes per day you can deliver awesome social media, then sit back, relax, and collect your checks.


Why Haven’t Other Agencies Already Done This?

There are several reasons that agencies do not do social media.

  • Even the best tools are extremely complicated!
  • Who is going to write all the content?
  • They require dedicated social media writing experts.
  • They have to keep writing content for every single customer every single month.
  • They have to charge extraordinary prices to even break even.

You Want To Know The Best Part?

There is no competition with Social Media. With SEO, you are always competing with someone and getting knocked down with the latest Google update. You are just one month away from getting fired because of the next SEO company that has a better presentation or proposal than you did.

If social media looks good, it is good! Your customers whine way less, you don’t compete with anyone and best yet, your 90% profit product lasts practically forever. Out of 64 clients, 3 have quit after 6 months of working with them. Compare that to anything you do!

95.3% Stay Long Term!



All From Social Media

This ONE Software Banks Recurring Commissions, Passive Profits,

AND High Volume Payouts – By Hardly Lifting A Finger…

Why You Want This!

Breathe Some Life Into Your Social Media!

  1. Done-For-You Social Media!  No more feeling guilty or embarresed that you are not doing your own social media as an Internet marketer!
  2. Everyone who buys will receive Free Social Media Content for themselves for the life of their subscription.  This is written fresh each month!
  3. Social media is one of the foundations of marketing, every business needs it!
  4. Business owners feel more guilty about poor or no social media than any other type of marketing.  This makes this a great foot-in-the-door product.
  5. You get 3 projects to start with, so you can sell two of them and still get your own social media done-for you. 
  6. Did you know more money from Automated Social Media than with any other product on the market?  Agencies typically bring in over 90% profits with Automated Social Media.
  7. You can take advantage of Done-For-You social media using a professional social media writing network of highly educated U.S. based writers anxious to write part-time for you and your customers.
  8. It’s automated .. you don’t have to do anything but use and/or sell the darned thing.


Want To See A Demo?

Yep we thought you might 🙂

What Vertical Markets Are Available?

Plus over 70 More Categories…
(and new categories added monthly!)

Who Likes Social Oxygen?

Not Only Done-For-You Social Media …

Just look at everything else it does!


Creating social media posts can be extremely time consuming.  We have created some processes that allow you to see what other companies like yours are publishing to give you some great ideas.  Snag them, make them your own. Another option is to have us create fresh new content for you each month.  Get wholesale pricing from U.S. based social media experts.

Content Approval

Whether you are an agency or a social media manager for your company, you often need to get an “approval” from someone else before you can publish the content.  This can be very difficult to write, package it up to send to this person, then have them request changes and updates, then you have to get it back into the system to publish.  FORGET ABOUT THAT!

Now you simply click a button and an email is sent to your customer (or boss) and they are notified content is ready for them to look over and approve.  They are also notified that if they don’t review this in 15 days, it gets automatically approved so you can keep moving forward on the project. (3 additional reminders are sent just to make sure … )  They can then approve, update the content, or reject each piece individually, or approve them all with 2 clicks.  Fast simple and easy.

Oh and by the way…once they are approved, they automatically get scheduled based on your publishing calendar.  No more double entry!

Content Categories

Ok, so you have curated and written a bunch of content for next month. How do you keep it organized?  No worries, each piece of content is categorized automatically as you find or create it.  You can keep track of how many items have already been posted and how many new ones you have created for the month.  Once you have the right number of items to publish…you can send them off for a quick approval before publishing.

AI Powered Calendar Templates

Knowing when and which channels to publish your content on can be daunting and extremely time consuming.  No More!  We have created several pre-built publishing templates for different types of companies.  We even have a template that is created using Artificial Intelligence based on the best times to publish on every social media platform so it can get the highest level of visibility and engagement.

The Best Social Networks

Publish automatically to the most popular social networks in the world.  No compromises!

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • Tumblr
  • Pinterest
  • Google My Business

Work Multiple Projects

If you are a busy agency that works on many projects, you are going to love this.  Put all your projects into Social Oxygen and invite team members to work on only their projects.  When you build or buy custom content, you are able to re-use all this content for all the projects in the same vertical market.  We have included the use of short codes (that look like this [company name]) which substitute that short code for the actual company name when it is assigned to the calendar.  That way you can customize each post to the company it’s going to be used for.  Cool eh?

Client Connect Their Own Accounts

We were not surprised to learn that other agencies had as hard of a time as we did getting usernames, passwords, and accounts connected so we could publish social media on their behalf.  We sometimes found the customers would take a month or longer just to find and send over the account information.  This caused grief on both sides and a lot of lost time and hassle.  Other agencies experience the same issues. To make it worse, if you log into someone else’s Facebook account from another location, it can get the account blocked and locked out. Our Solution: We created a unique “self approval” process that the customers can use to authenticate their own accounts instead of sending over usernames and passwords. No more password juggling. Problem solved!

White Labeled

Does your customer care what tool you use?  No way, it just confuses the matter.  Thats why we made everything your customer sees generic.  We use a domain name of to show all your reports, handle social content approvals and communicate with your customers.  We also post with the handle of “social post” to keep it generic for them as well.  You nor they need our name all over everything!

Pay Only For What You Use

We created a process to add projects one-at-a-time which is simple and flexible.  Never pay for what you are not using!  If you land a new client, awesome, just add one more project.  Have a customer stop, easy, just remove that project and the billing goes away as well.  Decide to have us write custom content for … lets say … a dentist. Excellent, use this content for ALL your dental clients and don’t pay extra to use this content again!  Simple, flexible, and powerful for doing social media for many clients in the same vertical market.

Be A Hero

Be a hero to your company today by using our professional and powerful, but easy to use tools to turn your social media tornados into a breeze with Social Oxygen! It’s totally automated, but your client will never know it! 

Nobody Automates Like Social Oxygen!!

Case Study – Matt

Matt has a small agency outside of his 9-5 job.  He had a friend that does direct marketing (or multi-level marketing) selling health products.  Matt approached his friend and asked him if they could use some help with social media for everyone in his downline.  Turns out … every MLM company needs help with their social media and his friend immediately said yes.  And sent out hundreds of emails out to his downline to a landing page to sell this to them. 

We worked with Matt to develop a landing page and a sales process that totally automated the sales and setup process for every person who signed up.  When they signed up their entire social media project was 100% set up and all the customer had to do was connect their social media.

Matt sold 65 accounts in three days and made more money in his agency than he had ever done before.  All because of one introduction to a friend.   Over the last 6 months, all but three have stayed on as paying clients.

See How Easy This Is?

You can do this too!

Social Oxygen Leadership

Chris Ormiston

Chris Ormiston

Owner / Lead Developer

Andy Kelly

Andy Kelly


Kevin Elzey

Kevin Elzey

Social Media Manager

Francie Ely

Francie Ely


Social Oxygen Writers

Alicia F.

Alicia F.

Legal / Medical Social Media

Chelsea S.

Chelsea S.

Social Media Writer

Kamber J.

Kamber J.

Social Media Writer

Trever E.

Trever E.

Social Media Writer

Michelle O.

Michelle O.

Social Media Writer

Aubry J.

Aubry J.

Social Media Writer

Jessica J.

Jessica J.

Social Media Writer

Lindsey S.

Lindsey S.

Social Media Writer

Luana K.

Luana K.

Social Media Writer

Jessica S

Jessica S

Social Media Writer

Kaly N.

Kaly N.

Social Media Writer

Common FAQ’s

Who writes the content and where are they from?

All of our writers are U.S. based and live in Arizona, California, Utah, and Texas at the moment.  All have college educations with bachelor’s or master’s degrees.  Some are current school teachers, others stay at home moms who have left their careers and are looking to stay busy with some extra work.  We even have a professional entertainer who works full time at Disneyland who likes to do social media on the side. (cool eh?)

Some of our writers have specialties in legal, medical, construction, social services, education, financial, and other specialty areas making them highly qualified to write this content.

Can this work for French or Spanish social media sites?

Yes, we support all languages that use “Roman Script”, along with diacritic marks, such as ă, â, á, é, í, î, ó, ẹ, ị, ọ, ụ, ã, ả, ẻ, ỉ, ỏ, ủ, ñ, č, ď, ě, í, ň, ř, š, ș, ť, ț, ú, ů, ž and đ.

Where Does The Social Media Get Posted?

We post to Social Accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google my Business, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tumblr.  We can also schedule and post articles to WordPress and Blogger.

What do I get with this offer?

you will receive a Social Oxygen Master Account which qualifies you for wholesale pricing on social media content for over 70 vertical markets. This also qualifies you for all 7 social media platforms for you to publish on including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google My Business, Pinterest, and Tumbler. You will also receive 3 project accounts that you can use for three different projects to make money doing social media. All of this for only $27

Is this a subscription or a one-time cost?

Your Social Oxyen account is a subscription which allows you to continue each month to manage your clients within our software and take advantage of wholesale pricing on all our content.  This subscription is month-to-month and does not require any long term commitments.

How much does pre-written content cost?

Content comes in two price points:

Price Point #1 ($45/mo.) – This special wholesale price includes content from any of our existing categories that are on our list of 70+ categories (and growing).  This includes enough content to post every other business day and each post includes an image and witten content with short codes so you can reuse these for all your customers in this vertical market.

Price Point #2 ($75/mo.) – This special wholesale price includes custom content for any custom category of your choice that is not already on our list of written content.  This includes enough content to post every other business day and each post includes an image and witten content with short codes so you can reuse these for all your customers in this vertical market.

Each of these include Happy Monday, Happy Friday, and Quote of the day each week at no extra cost.

Additional content available at special wholesales rates if you want to post every day including weekends or even multiple times every day including weekends.


What categories do you have for content?

We are adding new categories weekly to this list.  Here is a current list of categories as of Feb 1, 2020

  • Accountant UK
  • Accountant US
  • ACN Business Promotion
  • ACN Product Promotion
  • Anzac Day (AUS Holiday) (FREE)
  • Architectural Lighting
  • Automotive, Truck, Boat & RV Detailing
  • Bankruptcy Lawyer
  • Business Software Consulting
  • Car Mechanic/Repairs
  • Car Mechanic Transmission Repair
  • Car Mechanics – Canada
  • Carpet & Flooring Installation & Sales
  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Child Abuse Awareness
  • Chiropractors
  • Construction/Concrete
  • Cosmetic and Restorative Dermatology
  • Cosmetic Gynecology
  • Cycle Boat
  • Deck Refinishing
  • Dentists – AUS
  • Dentists – USA
  • Digital Marketing
  • Electrician
  • Estate, Trusts and Family Law
  • Father’s Day (FREE)
  • Financial Advisor
  • Fourth of July (FREE)
  • General Health
  • Halloween
  • Happy Friday (FREE)
  • Happy Monday (FREE)
  • Health Insurance
  • Holidays (Non-Denominational)
  • Home Protection (Alarm Company)
  • Home Renovation
  • Hot Tub Repair
  • HVAC – Summer
  • HVAC – Winter
  • Hypnotherapy
  • Interior Design
  • Isagenix Business
  • Isagenix General Health
  • Isagenix Products
  • Landscaping
  • Legal Financing
  • Local/Digital Marketing
  • Marketing Agency (Enterprises)
  • Martial Arts – Family Values
  • Mary Kay
  • Memorial Day (FREE)
  • Menswear
  • Mother’s Day (FREE)
  • NewULife – General Health
  • NewULife – Business Promotion
  • NewULife – Product Education
  • NewULife – Product Promotion
  • Optavia Business Promotion
  • Optavia General Health
  • Optavia Product
  • Optavia Testimonials
  • Ophthalmology
  • pawTree – Distributors Promotion
  • pawTree – General Pet Health
  • pawTree – Product Education
  • pawTree – Product Sales
  • Pediatric Therapy
  • Personal Injury Law (Canada)
  • Personal Injury Lawyer
  • Pest Control
  • Plumbing
  • Plumbing Services Extra
  • QOTD (Quote of the day)
  • Real Estate
  • Retirement/Elder Care
  • Roofing
  • SEO
  • Small Business Development
  • Social Media (FREE)
  • Social Media Marketing Agency
  • Solar Energy
  • Solar Roofing
  • Thanksgiving (FREE)
  • Valentine’s Day (FREE)
  • Valentus Business Promotion
  • Valentus General Health
  • Valentus Product Education
  • Valentus Product Promotion
  • Veteran’s Day (FREE)
  • Water Damage Restoration
  • Web Design
  • Zurvita Business Promotion
  • Zurvita General Health

Please Note: The 2-months of content for each of these categories is a special one time offer of $179 which you can purchase after you buy the $27/mo Social Oxygen Software.  Otherwise you can purchase these categories one-by-one at only $45/mo. 


How Many Accounts Can I manage?

You start with 3 accounts.  Then you can add them 1 by 1 or in groups as you need.  Then when you don’t need them any longer, you can archive or delete them.  Each new account only costs from 5-$10 depending on quanty you are managing.  There is really no limit to the number of accounts you can manage.  We have hundreds of accounts in ours and manage them quickly and easily.  This is meant to grow large…into the thousands. 

What If I Have Co-Workers or Employees?

Awesome…you are able to create 3 types of additional accounts.  1) Client account which only has access to the client portal that is white labeled to your company.  2) A Content Manager that is able to write content, manage categories and place content into calendars…that’s it.  3) A sub admin who can do anything you can except to manage your account of anything with money.  You control all that.

You are able to add as many as you like…there is no limit on these sub-accounts.  Each person can be assigned all or some of the projects depending on the ones they are responsible for and working on.

Can We Post To Instagram?


Do You Limit The Number Of Posts We Can Do?


Can You Work With Direct Marketing (MLM) Companies?

We actually specialize in this and work with 5 Direct Marketing companies right now doing hundreds of social media accounts for them.  We expect to do thousands very soon!  We have a whole process and system for this.

What Kind Of Support Do You Have?

We offer many types of support.  First, we have videos created for each page inside of Social Oxygen to help you understand every page you are on.  Second we have a massive amount of training inside of our account.  You will receive an offer for this for a very low price after you purchase Social Oxygen.  We highly, highly suggest you purchase this if you are serious about building massive residual income.  We have a blue icon on the lower left of your portal where you can talk live with our support staff.  Lastly, you can always send a support question to [email protected].  These options allow you to learn the system quickly and get quick answers to help you grow your company quickly.

    Get Social Oxygen Now …       
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Cancelation & Refund Policy

There are no long-term commitments when purchasing Social Oxygen. Since we are offering non-tangible irrevocable goods, we do not issue refunds once the order is accomplished and the product is sent. As a customer you are responsible for understanding this upon purchasing any item from our site. Please note there are no refunds for software charges. We require cancellation requests to be submitted to [email protected] at least 48 hours prior to billing to avoid unwanted charges.